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Photographer, Duncan Elliott, On Telling Athletes’ Stories Through Photography

Duncan Elliott is a documentary portrait photographer. His work tends to look into niche groups and subcultures that he believes are often overlooked, or people whose stories he simply finds inspiring. As such, athletes play a significant part in his diverse portfolio. As Duncan says, their ‘single-minded goals and ruthless commitment to it’ make athletes an interesting case for exploration within photography. Now, the photographer boasts an impressive client list which includes a number of high-profile sports brands such as Strava, Men’s Running, Reebok, British Cycling, and Red Bull. We had the pleasure of speaking with Duncan to find out a little more about his journey to where he is today, how he writes a brief for himself, and what he’s striving for next.

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– Dawn Broadbent | Mantra Sport, 13th October 2019

Mantra Sport | Blog | Duncan Elliott

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