COVID-19 UPDATE (24/07/2020)

Please see below for a brief snippet of the latest COVID restriction guidelines from Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) regarding close-contact services.

If you work in England:

  • When you can re-open: Now (reopened from 13 July)
  • Current exclusions/restrictions: Any treatments that involve working on or in front of the face (the highest risk zone) cannot be carried out at this time. If you provide treatments that ordinarily involve working on or in front of the face, this area should be avoided. It is anticipated that face treatments will be able to resume from 1 August. As soon as we have more information, we will update our Coronavirus statement.
  • PPE requirements: The government guidance indicates that those offering close contact services are to wear a visor. Gloves are recommended “where possible” and unless skin contact is “crucial for the treatment”.
  • Government guidelines: Please see Guidance for keeping workers and clients safe in close contact services.

– Federation of Holistic Therapists, 24/07/2020

As you all know, Body Smarts was able to reopen from Monday 13th July 2020 and have had the pleasure of revisiting existing clients to sort out those long overdue aches.

A visor will now be worn throughout all treatments including all time spent in the presence of clients, including setting up, taking down, payments and rebooking.

Any requests for attention to pectoral, rotator cuff and neck regions may require the client to look away, apply a face covering or even be refused.

For more information on appointments with Body Smarts, please visit

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