Zen: Meditation & Sleep

Take a deep inhale. Then a slow exhale. Please, do it again once or twice.

Cool. Now, we are ready to talk about meditation.

This secular practice consists, in a few words, of breathing in an absolutely conscious way with a relaxed body and an empty mind. It is more than proven that it’s beneficial to your physical and mental health. If you find all this very interesting, but have never been able to add this habit into your routine, Zen is the guide you need to walk an incredible journey of self-knowledge.

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Apple, Saturday 7th March 2020

Looking after yourself comes in many forms and mindfulness is quite possibly at the very top of the list of importance. Spending time in your own mind space, especially with how hectic daily life can be, is imperative to mental wellbeing and Zen is a great app that can help you on your way.

From “Anxiety Relief” to “Quit Smoking,” Zen has just what you’re looking for.

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